Taizé prayer

Welcome to the Taizé prayer of Taizé in Amsterdam. The prayer is every first Thursday evening of the month. The next prayer will be on Thursday 1st of July 2021. Read more about what a prayer looks like.

You can join the prayer in the Nassaukerk or online!

in de Nassaukerk, AmsterdamOnline
Max. 30 persons with face mask. You can sign up below this page or via this form. 
You can write down prayers in a booklet at the entrance
You can submit prayers online (anonymously)
18:00 Help to build the decor for those we able to. 
19:00 Theme conversation in de Nassaukerk
Theme: Living in the moment
19:00 Online themeconversation via Zoom
20:00 Taizé prayer in de Nassaukerk20:00 Online Taizé prayer via kerkdienstgemist.nl
Contribution or donation can be done via
Contribution or donation can be done via IDeal